AIM Transforms Careerlink as Demand Grows for Technology Jobs

By AIM News Team
August 15, 2017

Computer and technology careers are in high demand across Nebraska and outpacing the national average for growth. The Nebraska Department of Labor projects there to be 1 million computer-related job openings in the United States by 2024. Because of the massive growth in tech careers, AIM has transformed Careerlink into a technology and career hub to help meet the demand for tech workers and further establish Omaha as a tech landmark in the Silicon Prairie.

Whether it’s a mother re-entering the workforce after taking time off, a retiree who wants to learn a new set of job skills to make some extra income, veterans, or someone just starting their career path, the Careerlink transformation is linking job seekers to a new set of career development tools, especially those in the growing career fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).

“The careers of tomorrow begin with the education and training of today. The technology field is rapidly growing, and Omaha is facing an increasing shortage of tech workers, resulting in a negative impact on the local economy. For more than 20 years we have had a personal stake in seeing people succeed through We will continue that trend and offer more building blocks and pathways to amazing careers, giving employers more talent to choose from,” said Dr. Kandace Miller, AIM Institute President and CEO.

In addition to those seeking to start and grow careers, students can utilize Careerlink to learn more about colleges, scholarships, financial aid, internships, resume building, interview preparation and professional development. Careerlink also can connect students and jobseekers to technology training through AIM Interface School, a code school that AIM acquired in January 2017. A recent study by Course Report finds that technology courses are increasing in popularity. AIM Interface School provides courses and workshops led by industry experts, and through Careerlink, pairs students and jobseekers with businesses.