How to unlock your maximum potential

By AIM Team
June 09, 2017

Many of us believe we have higher career potential but we don’t know how to reach it. Often when we think of reaching our maximum potential, we start by comparing ourselves to others when really, we should only be comparing our future potential to our past performance. Reaching your maximum potential comes down to defining and reaching your own personal goals, and knowing yourself and your passions.

This week we’ve mapped out three crucial questions to ask yourself in order to help you get closer to reaching your maximum potential.

1. What is your passion?

Think about the things that excite you and motivate you. Define what you find extremely interesting and are constantly wanting to learn more about. This could be as simple as a hobby you enjoy, or as broad as a field of study. Knowing your interests and passions is a very important step when trying to reach your full potential.

2. What are you good at?

What is something you could do everyday and not get tired of? Think about your talents and the things that come naturally to you. Often times, these things don’t necessarily feel like work because you’ve honed your skills into something that comes relatively easy to you. Focus on what comes easily to you and take those skills to the next level rather than spending your time on skills that are more difficult for you to learn.

3. What is your mindset?

Mental stamina, vision and belief in yourself can help stretch your mindset outside your comfort zone and put you on the path towards success. The hard truth is that we have to get outside our comfort zone to reach our full potential.

While many of us don’t think we’ve reached our potential, for the most part, we stay where we feel comfortable, perhaps because we are afraid of trying something and failing. Remember that failure is a necessary step when trying new things and it can actually help you better define your strengths.

Remember that reaching your end goals takes time. Don’t give up too soon!