Recruiting Advice: Employer Branding

By AIM Team
August 14, 2017

Why would someone want to work for your company? Is it because you have a position available and pay well? As it turns out, a lot of other companies have similar job opportunities and pay great salaries. So what sets you apart? The answer is company culture.

Every company has a unique culture but not all organizations do a good job of communicating those values, perks, and experiences externally. Employer branding is the way you express your culture to the outside world. Employer branding will help you build a reputation among job seekers as being a desirable place to work and will attract passive job seekers. Below are 4 ways you can start building your employer brand:

1. Sponsor an event that expresses your company’s values.
Does your company value health and wellness? Think about sponsoring a local 10k or marathon. Your audience will quickly understand that you value fitness which will resonate with talent who share similar interests.

2. Capture a slice of life.
Small events within your organization such as birthday parties, happy hour, or company lunches are great opportunities to snap a quick photo and post it on your Facebook page. Over time people will get a sense that you value celebrating and having fun.

3. Highlight perks and benefits.
Do you allow your employees to bring their dog to work? Share a photo of someone working at their desk with their dog beside them. Are you paying for employees to attend conferences? Encourage social media sharing to get the word out about the great benefits your company offers.

4. Share working spaces.
Whether your working space is old and rustic, new and modern, or anywhere in between, share what those working spaces look like. Job seekers want to know what life is like at your company and working spaces are a large portion of that experience. If the working spaces are bland, start thinking about inexpensive ways to upgrade.

Expressing what’s unique about your company is just the start. You need to be active in creating an attractive place to work that people will want to be a part of. Employer branding is more than just interior design, it’s about the overall reputation of what it’s like to work for you. Your reputation will take time to establish and will take time to change, but the results are enormous.