Recruiting Advice: Share on social media

By AIM Team
July 31, 2017

One of the biggest challenges an employer faces is finding great talent. Your ability to discover rock star employees can either make or break your organization. When talent is scarce it’s not enough to simply post a job and wait for the applications to roll in.

You need job postings to spread and social media is key. Here are a few important concepts to follow when posting on social to receive maximum traction:

Encourage employees to share job postings
Take advantage of the networks that your employees have built. If five of your employees share an open position, and each employee has a network of 500 people, you automatically get a potential of 2500 impressions. Adding referral incentives will motivate employees to participate.

Add hashtags
Hashtags enable your social shares to be searchable. If you add a job posting on twitter, for example, you’ll want to add a tag that is relevant to your job. If the job title is “Software Engineer,” add the hashtags “#softwareengineer #(yourcity) #jobs.” If someone searches the “software engineer” hashtag on twitter, your job post will appear in their feed.

Post and repost
Sharing your opportunity is step one. You’ll want to repost the open position once a week to keep the job opening visible on the feeds of your network.

Share to relevant platforms
Opportunities should be shared where your target audience is active. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the primary social platforms where you’ll want to focus your attention. Each network increases visibility and tracks how many users are viewing the open position.

Know your audience
Be careful not to overload your social channels with job postings. If your followers suddenly get inundated with job opportunities from you, they may unlike or unfollow your page. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If your organization├é┬áhas under 200 employees, it’s safe to post jobs on existing social media accounts. If your organization has more than 200 employees, create accounts that are dedicated to recruiting.

If you are an AIM Careerlink member, you already have access to our social sharing feature, which makes it simple and easy to share jobs. Companies that use our social sharing feature typically see an increase in job posting views. Contact an account representative to get set up and start sharing!