The top 20 online recruiting resources for employers

By AIM Team
July 25, 2017

The good news about finding online recruiting resources is that you have an incredible amount of information at your disposal. The bad news is that sorting through the information can be tough. You want to make sure you have an edge when it comes to hiring, and you also want to make sure that you’re following an effective hiring process.

Here at Careerlink, we are passionate about helping you find just the right talent to fill your organization’s needs. So we’ve scoured the web to find some of the best recruiting tools & resources.

The Top 20 Online Recruiting Resources

#1 – Society for Human Resource Management

To start our list, we have one of the best HR resources: the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM). Their staffing management section is our favorite and has good insight on anything from staffing legislation to scouting out the best employees. They are also the publisher of HR Magazine, in both print and digital editions, “the most widely read and respected human resources publication in the world.”

#2 – Interview4 by Hire Intelligence

Interview4 is a video interviewing platform for recruiters. It may be a helpful tool for companies looking to hire remote talent, who prefer to have a face-to-face evaluation of potential employees.

#3 – TalentHQ

Though updated relatively infrequently, TalentHQ’s blog is a great recruiting resource. Their several blogs about social recruiting are very helpful, and their ‘special sections’ (like job search tips) are pretty handy.


#4 – Staffing Talk

Unlike TalentHQ, Staffing Talk is updated very regularly, and they’re a great source of substantive, intelligent articles on staffing & recruiting. A good portion of their articles are focused towards staffing companies, but even if you’re not a staffing company, there’s a lot of good advice to be found here.

#5 – Unbridled Talent

If you can sort through the frequent posts about the author’s speaking gigs, Unbridled Talent still has some pretty good information about HR and social recruiting. The HR section is our favorite.

#6 – HR Marketer

Unsurprisingly, HR Marketer is largely targeted towards HR professionals. With that said, this blog is a great resource for HR professionals looking to learn about what’s happening in the industry.

#7 – Smart Recruiters

Interested in the latest HR trends? Check out SmartRecruiters. We particularly like the section on their blog called “Hiring Made Easy,” which includes essentials for simplifying your HR and hiring processes.

#8 – The Undercover Recruiter

Even though they’re based in Europe, a lot of the Undercover Recruiter’s information is helpful. The site includes a section on “Interview Tips” which is a veritable library of quick advice when you are looking on how to respond to difficult candidate questions.

#9 – Recruiter

More focused on the practical than the theoretical,’s articles from around the web offer how-tos and recruiting hacks for HR professionals. Lots of great articles about sorting through talent here.

#10 – Fistful of Talent

Fistful of Talent is a delightful aggregate site for talent-searchers everywhere. It is easy to navigate and includes lively discussion of hot HR trends like the gig economy and employee engagement.

#11 – The Jobvite Blog

Jobvite is a great expert source of information on the job market, and their blog features a healthy mix of infographics, data and tips for social recruiters. They also produce a podcast.

#12 –
( is geared towards HR executives and professionals. Notably, the site includes certifications, webcasts and niche communities to help you focus your interests.

#13 – Workforce
( is an HR-centric online and print magazine. We recommend checking out the “Recruitment” section of the site for timely articles on recruitment-related issues.

#14 – HR Capitalist

This site is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding appropriate benefits, compensation, on-boarding and employee relation strategies.

#15 – Recruiting Tools

Looking for reviews of recruiting tools? This site gives feedback on some of the latest hiring platforms from an objective third party perspective.

#16 – Recruiting

This blog offers a wide array of hiring-related insights, all sorted by topics such as candidate experience, mobile recruiting and employment branding.

#17 – Brazen

Brazen is a online chat tool for HR professionals that helps them communicate with candidates and employees, as well as university students and alumni.

#18 – HR Nasty

Since 2010, HRNasty has been bringing some attitude to the HR profession. The “What Recruiters Really Think” section is a good example. While the site includes a lot of information about recruiting, it also provides opinions on what it takes to succeed in an HR career.

#19 – Flazingo

This fun hiring platform offers two free tools, a “Create an Interview Guide” tool and a Job Description Wizard.

#20 – Trade Pub

Want to go in-depth into HR? There’s enough free HR insights on to fill a lifetime.