Look around you -- technology is everywhere. Technology refers to tools, knowledge and discoveries that are used to connect, innovate and inspire. In STEM, technology focuses on computers, programs and the systems that connect them together. Technology is found and used in science, engineering, math, and medical fields, from sensors used in health care to software that creates models for construction and building.

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Coding lets us create software, apps and websites using code, a set of instructions that tells a computer what to do. Like the instructions that come with a new video game, code is often written in multiple languages, called programming languages. If you love figuring out how things work, try coding!

Sample Careers: Full-Stack Web Developers, Front End Developers, Database Administrator, Business Intelligence Analyst, Software Developer, Medical Coding Instructor, Help Desk Analyst

STEM Outlook: Job availability for coders is forecast to grow by up to 22 percent over the next decade.

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Design is important when building anything and has many meanings in technology. Design focuses on the look and feel of the tech all around us, and can make websites, apps and software user-friendly. Art also plays a large role in design. Many fields within this discipline use a critical eye and art techniques, including graphic design, 3D modeling, animation and computer-aided design or CAD.

Related areas: Coding Specialist, Robotics, Software Application Developer, Computer Systems Engineer

Sample Careers: Web Designer, Video Game Designer, Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Industrial Designer, Architect, Carpenter, Animator, Sound Designer, Video Editor, Film Producer, Illustrator, Experience (UX) Designer, Set Designer

STEM Outlook: This field has a bright outlook. Experts think the number of available jobs in design will grow by 8 percent in the next decade -- much higher than average, according to O*Net.

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Data technology involves gathering and analyzing information to learn things that companies and organizations want to know. This can include analyzing trends, helping businesses make decisions and understanding the world around us. Data also requires keeping personal information stored online safe from cybersecurity threats.

Related areas: Graphic Designer, Computer Systems Engineer, Internet Technician, and Web Designer

Sample Careers: Data architect, Data Scientists, Data Engineer, Data Analyst, Security Engineer, Technical Recruiter, Logistic Analyst

STEM Outlook: This field has a bright outlook. Experts think the number of available jobs in the next 10 years will grow by 5 percent -- higher than average according to O*Net. If you like working with numbers, using critical thinking skills, and telling a story with statistics, this could be a great field for you.

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Infrastructure involves building and maintaining all of the devices and applications that keep us connected. Careers in technology infrastructure require an understanding of networks, systems and hardware. This field also includes security and making sure systems are online and supported at all hours of the day (because no one likes your website when it's down). As remote work becomes more common, infrastructure careers are more critical to an organization's success than ever before.

Related areas: Computer Hardware Engineer, and Computer Programmer

Sample Careers: Senior Automation Engineer, Automation Architect, Automation Team Lead, Consulting Automation Engineer, Senior-level Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect or Network and Software Engineer, Cloud Security Expert, Information Security Analyst, Incident Responder, Cybersecurity Manager, Security Consultant, Ethical Hacker, Chief Information Officer, Network Engineer, Computer Help Desk Representative, Computer Help Desk Specialist, Help Desk Technician, Network Technician, Digital Key Framework Engineer

STEM Outlook: In computing, information technology infrastructure is composed of physical and virtual resources that support the flow, storage, processing and analysis of data.

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Teamwork turns tech dreams into reality. Those who make technology are supported by a variety of specialized personnel, from project managers who make sure projects get done well and on time, to Chief Information Officers who develop the technical strategies for organizations and advise CEOs on technology issues.

Sample Careers: Information Technology (IT) Project Managers, Chief Information Officers or CIOs, Field Service Technician, Geek Squad Technician, Desktop Support Specialist

STEM Outlook: Jobs in support technology will grow 10 percent in the next decade, about 2.5 times faster than average.

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