Are you concerned about the environment and want to make a positive difference in your surroundings? Then environmental engineering is for you! Environmental engineers work to improve and innovate our current systems to be safer for the environment.

What is Environmental Engineering?

Environmental engineers work on teams responsible for designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative solutions to help make all aspects of our lives more environmentally friendly.


Environmental engineers typically work on teams with other engineers to innovate their designs and strategically determine the best approach to implementing an environmentally-friendly product or process.


Environmental engineers make a median salary of $88,860 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

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Programs & Education


STEAM Workshop: Rube Goldberg Machines (ages 12-16)

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Engineer Week

Elkhorn, NE

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Example Careers

Water resources Engineer

Education Requirements
Bachelor's degree

Average Salary

Water resource engineers are responsible for the design, development, and engineering of various aspects of water treatment systems.

Environmental Project Managers

Education Requirements
Bachelor's degree

Average Salary

Environmental project managers are responsible for ensuring that construction plans and implementation sites follow environmental guidelines.

If environmental engineering is not your thing, there are more areas of engineering.

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