Do you like to strategically approach problems and work with logic puzzles? Then algebra is for you! Algebra trains your brain to approach problems logically. People in a variety of careers, such as engineers, geologists, health care workers, mechanics, and welders all use algebra daily.

What is Algebra?

Algebra is used in many different fields, including education, market research and real estate. Algebra focuses on logic and using symbols to help solve problems.


Math and science teachers use it to help their students learn how to problem solve. Market research analysts use algebra’s principles to analyze prices, sales marketing methods. Real estate agents can use it to determine the listing price of a home.

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Example Careers

Market Research Analysts

Education Requirements
Bachelor's degree

Average Salary

Market research analysts monitor and predict sale and marketing trends to provide marketing insights. These jobs require a bachelor's degree.

Math Teacher

Education Requirements
Bachelor's degree and certification

Average Salary

High school math teachers are in charge of designing, planning, and implementing math curriculum in the high school classroom setting and require a bachelor's degree along with certification.

Career salary data provided by: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook handbook and O*NET OnLine.

If algebra is not your thing, there are more areas of math!

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