Geometry is used in a variety of STEM careers that deal with building and designing real and virtual objects. If you like studying the shapes and dimensions of things, or are interested in building objects, then geometry could be for you.

What is Geometry?

Geometry is one of the oldest branches of math. It is, generally, the study of space, lines, area, angles and shapes.


Some well-known careers that use geometry include architect, geographic information systems analyst, and urban and regional planner. All of these careers use geometry to study and divide space to be used when developing things, whether that be a skyscraper, a digital map, or a new housing subdivision.


Professionals in these careers need a solid foundation of geometry concepts to be successful.

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Example Careers


Education Requirements
Bachelor's degree and licensing

Average Salary

Architects are in charge of planning, developing, and managing the design of a project from start to finish.

GIS Analyst

Education Requirements
Associate or bachelor's degree, plus certification

Average Salary

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analysts have a variety of responsibilities, including using digital mapping software to help make decisions about how land is utilized.

Career salary data provided by: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook handbook and O*NET OnLine.

If geometry is not your thing, there are more areas of math!